Hot Practice Areas: Contract Lawyers on Demand

Whether you are a small or large law company or solo attorney, hiring a contract lawyer can be an extremely cost-effective way to help you handle your workload, as well as avoid risks and expensive disputes. In today’s market, contract lawyers perform the same functions as associates or in-house counsel. The main duties of a contract lawyer include performing research, writing or revising legal contracts and documents, preparing annual reports, conducting depositions, preparing case strategy, etc. 

There are several areas of law that are the most convenient for outsourcing to contract lawyers: civil litigation, real estate, corporate law, family law, intellectual property, labor & employment, etc.


Civil Litigation

There is the largest number of jobs for contract attorneys in this practice area in the U.S, and they vary from motion practice or trial attorneys to local counsel, discovery, and coverage attorneys. If you are looking for an attorney to cover your deposition or hearing, you can use the AppearMe application that enables you to find a legal professional within 60 seconds. 


Real Estate

Since real estate is an extremely high-paced practice area, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the workload, a contract attorney can help you reduce the load. In addition, every state has its own system of real estate laws and, in many states only, a lawyer can prepare the home purchase agreements, perform a title search, and close the deal.

Corporate Law

Business savvy attorneys are always in huge demand since there’s a constant need for experienced corporate finance and securities regulation attorneys, as well as ethics and compliance attorneys, especially those with the capacity to navigate a course through complex state and federal rules and regulations. 


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property attorneys help their clients by establishing and defending intellectual capital. In practice, Most IP contract lawyers help their clients with handling matters such as copyrights, patents, licensing, franchising, trade secrets, technology transfers, trademarks, and distribution problems.


Family Law

Family law is often perceived as a vital and complicated legal area. The industry needs qualified contract attorneys with a strong understanding of family law processes, procedures, and local family court rules. 


Labor & Employment

Labor and Employment attorneys are in high demand, and it will remain so since the legal landscape concerning labor and employment law is always changing. Labor & Employment contract attorneys can help you with litigation activities such as legal writing, review employment contracts, guide employers during the creation of workplace policies and procedures that are in compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws, etc.