How a Special App Helps Freelance Attorneys Find a Job

More and more attorneys are considering freelance jobs as an alternative to working for a particular company. Long working hours, constant pressure, no freedom in choosing cases are some of the reasons that make lawyers reconsider their employment status.

Previously being a freelance lawyer was seen as a setback or a career failure, whereas nowadays it is viewed as a perspective. Working as a freelance lawyer with a flexible schedule makes it possible to lead a balanced and less stressful life. But most importantly, it gives lawyers a chance to be their own boss. Freedom to choose cases and determine their own caseload increases the appeal of freelance legal jobs.

The number of freelance attorneys is growing rapidly, making it difficult to find [new] clients. Difficult is not impossible, though, and if you are thinking of becoming a freelance lawyer, then the following steps will help you get started.

  1. View your freelance legal job as a business. To promote your business, you need to sell your product, i. e. market and promote your services. A freelance lawyer is not a solo player. You mostly get your clients from other lawyers and companies. Do not expect them to approach you. Offer your services to your colleagues and different companies. Join legal networks, take time to participate in job-related events and meetings. Here you get a chance to establish business relationship and expand your network.

2. Increase your presence on social networking sites. Start your own blog, offer some soliciting services. Follow blog posts and websites for relevant job offers. Be active, leave your comments under blogposts, make your activity visible and yourself noticeable. It may take time but it will definitely contribute to attracting prospective clients. Without a credible reputation online it is hard to succeed in the digital age especially if you are planning to work as a freelance attorney.

3. Focus on the particular legal services you are going to provide. Make your decision based not only on your preferences but on the demand as well. Explore and research which services are in demand so that you can offer relevant services.

4. Be patient. You cannot expect to build a big client base overnight. It takes time to succeed. Do not be discouraged by failures if they occur.

5. Be aware of administrative responsibilities necessary to maintain. If you plan to handle your own paperwork, then special accounting software for lawyers is what you need.

6. Join AppearMe for unlimited legal work if you think that following all these steps is not an easy task to tackle. You no longer need to look for a job or clients. This revolutionary app does everything for you. All you need to do is sign up on AppearMe. Once your profile is verified, you become part of a huge legal network. The moment freelance appearance is posted, push notifications are sent to lawyers in specific locations. The first lawyer who responds to the call, gets the case. On Appearme you are only one click away from the job. So, why not appear on AppearMe?