What is an Appearance of Counsel Service?

More and more law firms use an appearance counsel service as they realize they can gain more and increase their efficiency by partnering with a legal counsel to handle routine hearings.

An appearance counsel service is a service provided by a legal practitioner on behalf of another legal professional for a fixed fee. They act as temporary agents at court. Appearance counsels, also called on-call attorneys or attorneys on demand, appear to different court hearings and cover the hearing on behalf of the attorney of record. The attorney of record is the legal professional who requests the service.


Companies allocate personnel more efficiently when using an appearance counsel service

When the in-house law department hires an external provider, they can gain the most out of their own personnel. Most external service providers work on a flat fee, so law firms do not need to pay for extra billable hours.


Law firms grow their billable hours when hiring an external provider

A lot of law firms have realized that they can build on their billable hours if they employ other professionals to handle more routine tasks. They can focus more on substantive matters leaving the less important jobs that consume a lot of time to court coverage professionals.


On-call legal practitioners appear to almost any hearing

On-call professionals can handle just about any civil or criminal hearings, administrative hearings, federal court appearances, and even depositions, trials and conferences. They cover anything from family law to immigration to bankruptcy and more.


On-call legal practitioners undergo a background check

The lawyers who undertake your court coverage are legal professionals eligible to practice law. Counsel service providers normally conduct background checks, bar status verification checks as well as other measures that ensure the professional liability of the lawyer. Some maintain liability and malpractice insurance so that you are protected.


On-call legal practitioners are members of attorney networks

It is now easy to find an on-call attorney through lawyers’ networks. You can find one through an automatic application incorporated by AppearMe. AppearMe is a unique platform that connects attorneys in a single space. You can find a lawyer on demand in no time when you sign up.

If you are in search of an appearance attorney, sign up to AppearMe and have your appearances handled by professional lawyers when you need one. The automated platform allows attorneys to find the lawyer they need in less than a minute – a revolutionary record in the market.

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