Court Appearance Jobs that Never End

Do you want to have access to an unlimited number of court appearance jobs? If the answer is yes, then AppearMe web and mobile app is for you. You can get push notifications of endless job requests during a day and can choose to accept or not. Thrilled? Go on reading about AppearMe, a new startup that has chosen new ways of hiring court appearance attorneys.


What to Expect?

AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand app that applies an automated system of matching attorneys of record with appearance attorneys. It has been on the market some two years and already has a pool of attorneys registered who submit and accept court appearance requests every day.

You can expect to have access to an unlimited number of job opportunities. This is something radical in the realm of court appearances. The old ways are gone when you had to apply to agencies or wait for friend recommendations. These methods are outdated and did not prove to be effective.

Expect to make court appearance a source of steady income. Those who commit themselves to court appearance job can earn around $100 per appearance taking up as many jobs as they wish during a day (go to this page for our pricing). This is the best the market can offer for this type of practice. Our prices are competitive and reasonable.

Expect to work on hours and days that most suit you. This is a flexible freelance opportunity that does not put forward any prior commitments. You can take as many jobs as you wish, work on the days that you feel working and in the areas which you prefer. One of the features of AppearMe allows you as a court appearance specialist to sign up to only those geographic areas which you prefer. When you select the geographic area, you will receive job notifications only from those areas.

Expect to work in the practice area you prefer. Attorneys using AppearMe portal work in a number of practice areas, including family law, bankruptcy, immigration, civil, criminal and so on. You can select the area of practice you are more specialized in or have a professional interest in. Again, you will receive push notifications only from those areas.


Sign up and Start Working as a Court Appearance Attorney Now

Once you fill in your profile through 2 easy steps, AppearMe will verify your credentials. It will take up to 24 hours for AppearMe to approve your profile. If you are an attorney with an active license, your profile will be approved, and you will start receiving job notifications from that moment on.

The system is extremely user-friendly, and every effort has been made on our part to make your engagement as comfortable as possible. Attorneys get connected easily and fast, and this is something our lawyers appreciate most. Make AppearMe your legal tool without any commitment. Sign up! You are halfway there!

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