A Court Reporter Career is Brighter with AppearMe

It goes without saying that court reporters have great job prospects over the coming years. But the future is even brighter with AppearMe – a portal where attorneys post jobs every day. To pursue a court reporter career with AppearMe means stable income, flexible work schedule, high-demand career, autonomy, and much more.


A Court Reporter Seeking Career with AppearMe is in High Demand

AppearMe is a web and mobile application where thousands of attorneys are registered in the states of California, Texas, Nevada, New York, and New Jersey. These legal professionals need court reporters for their businesses almost every day. Instead of applying to agencies and losing time and money on locating a court reporter, they prefer the automated application over traditional modes because court reporters accept their offers instantly. Attorneys love the easy and fast committal process as well as clear and timely submittal of transcripts upon completion of the assignment.

Therefore, court reporters are in high demand with AppearMe. They can get jobs every day, several times a day in all five states. Being a user of the portal means stability of work and high demand for the profession.


Stable Income

AppearMe offers freelance work. You may have heard that freelancing comes with a share of instability. This is not the case with AppearMe. Here you can make money as much as you do when you work as an in-house court reporter. Court reporters who are users of the portal make steady income and may generate more than they earn at an office.


Flexible Work Schedule

One of the benefits of work with AppearMe is that professionals choose the days when they want to work. This opens unprecedented life opportunities for the freelancers who can continue training, do a side job, get busy with family and kids or just hang out with friends at coffee shops on days when they don’t want or don’t need to work. Other days, they accept the job offers and earn the money to enjoy all the life benefits.



It goes without saying that autonomy and control over one’s life matter more to happiness than money. With AppearMe you are your own boss. You decide when to work, on what days, at which hours. You are free to turn down an offer or take a day off without answering to anyone. You even have the freedom to choose which courtrooms or offices to work taking only offers that are closer to your location.


Sign up to AppearMe

To enjoy all these benefits, you need to take one small step that will be decisive for your career as a court reporter. You need to become a user of the AppearMe portal. Since signing up is absolutely free, we encourage you to sign up today. We will verify your profile and get back to you in a couple of hours.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to dial (818) 744-3505 or contact otherwise.

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