Building a Career in Court Reporting with AppearMe

How much does a court reporter earn in the United States? Data suggests that the average court reporter salary can reach to $50,000 a year which can vary depending on reporter’s education, certifications, additional skills and experience. So, it comes as no surprise that many are pursuing a career in court reporting! In fact, court reporters are an integral part of the legal process and the demand for these professionals remains high!

If you are an avid court reporter looking for a court reporting adventure, keep reading to learn how to embark on a career in court reporting with AppearMe!


Choose the Right Court Reporting Program!

Did your high school teachers keep saying you are detail-oriented, accurate and able to take in new information quickly? Great! But that’s not enough if you want to start a career as a court reporter!

To become a court reporter, you will need to complete a court reporting program. In fact, court reporting programs are available in a number of institutions, from community colleges to technical schools. Most programs include courses in English grammar and phonetics, legal procedures, and legal terminology. You will also practice preparing transcripts to improve the speed and accuracy of your work.

Depending on the program, you will either get a certificate or an associate’s degree in court reporting, upon completion! Now it’s time to toss mortarboards high and far and position yourself well for graduation pictures!


What to Do After Graduation?

You have just earned a degree in court reporting and now you can get a job! Nope! This formula is no longer working in many fields and court reporting isn’t an exception!

With this in mind, try to expand your skills outside of the academic environment and keep exploring other education options by taking online courses, participating in internships, etc.

Finally, you may need to get a license since many states require court reporters who work in legal settings to be licensed or certified by a professional association. In order to get a license, you will need to pass a written and skills test.

So, instead of applying for multiple job offers right after graduation you better focus on improving your skill sets and double your chances of being hired as a court reporter!


Start Your Freelance Career with AppearMe!

You are officially a court reporter with a license who is looking for his or her dream job? Great! We know that sending a resume and cover letter to potential employers and waiting for days to hear back from the recruiter can be the most nerve-wracking moments of your job search! We have all been there!

As court reporting services are in high demand you can easily create your freelance career and we will tell you how to get started!

We highly recommend you sign up to AppearMe, an awesome mobile(App Store or Google Play) and web app that thousands of legal professionals love!

Simply sign up to AppearMe and find multiple job offers for court reporters in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Nevada, New York, Oregon or Washington. You will need to fill out some information, including your license number and type. Also, don’t forget to specify “Court Reporter” under the user type.

AppearMe will verify and check the license information submitted by you. Once verified you will become a user of AppearMe and will receive push notifications when another user posts a job assignment!

Remember, you are not the only one who will get notifications. Thousands of court reporters already registered in the system will get them too! So, you need to act super-fast to get the job and supplement your income as a court reporter!

Here is how your new legal tool works!

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