Delegate Your Legal Research or Motion Drafting Through a Mobile App

If you ever wondered how come that other lawyers manage everything and you don’t. You don’t know a simple fact. Savvy lawyers don’t perform each and every task. They delegate some of their work to other lawyers keeping up to more strategic work. In this article, you will learn how to live stress-free while delegating tasks like legal research or motion drafting to a fellow attorney. More importantly, you will learn to do it in minutes. Everything from request making to committal takes place in a few minutes. The rest of the time you can spend with family, friends or simply on high dollar assignments.

It’s time to learn to let go and enjoy precious moments that will pay you back in better relations, less stress, and more money.


Savvy Lawyers Delegate Through a Mobile App

It’s time to delegate and it’s time to delegate smartly. You need to ask a simple question, “What am I gaining while delegating a legal research to another lawyer?” Now go through this list and find 5 points that you think are right for you. We do hope they will open a new perspective on work for you.

Let’s go! Tick the points that apply to you!

  • More time for more pressing tasks
  • More energy 
  • Increased productivity that translates into better performance
  • Focus
  • Less stress
  • More time to spend with family, and the loved ones
  • More time to drink that ice-cold beer (after all the hard work, you do deserve it, don’t you?)


If you ticked 5, it means you are ready to face the challenge of the digital age. If you didn’t, delegation is not for you. Think of other ways of managing your business.

We do really hope that you found 5 important points that will give you more time, money and better health. If you did, you can continue reading this article. If not, no need to waste time.

But “why mobile app?” Let’s get to the topic!


Why Mobile App?

In the previous section, we said: “it’s time to delegate and it’s time to delegate smartly”. You don’t want delegation to become another hassle. That’s why savvy lawyers choose AppearMe – a mobile and web app for outsourcing. 

Why would they do so? The answer is simple. They spend not more than a couple of minutes of their time and, more importantly, they do that with minimum effort. Everything is automated from request making to committal. They don’t search for an attorney. The attorneys find them. 

Hiring attorneys submit a request for anything like legal research or motion drafting or anything else that is waiting on their desk, and other lawyers get back to them on an average of 60 seconds. 


AppearMe Users Will Take Charge of Your Legal Research or Motion Drafting

To outsource some of your tasks, you need to download the app (at no cost to you). We have no advance payments, no subscription fees or any other hidden costs. You pay per assignment with a notice of the cost. 

Download the application from App Store and Google Play or head to to open an account. Once done, you will have access to registered users of AppearMe in 13 states (Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington). Now choose among 5 attorneys and assign the task. The hired attorney will do the work for you. Pay if you are content with the attorney’s performance. Sounds good?


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