Deposition Attorneys Can Double Their Income With AppearMe

How many job offers do you receive as a deposition attorney per week? Two, three? Now imagine you can double the number of offers exactly at the market price per deposition. Will it double your income? Triple? Now think that you can connect to a network of thousands of lawyers who post deposition requests every day and you have the chance to be notified every time any lawyer posts an announcement. Will this double your chances to receive deposition jobs, triple? Quite a possibility.

Let us see how it looks in reality.


Deposition Attorneys Receive Multiple Job offers with AppearMe

If you have not heard about AppearMe so far, you have missed something. AppearMe is a new startup that entered the market to revolutionize the way deposition attorneys are hired. If you are an appearance attorney and want to cover appearances for other attorneys, this is the portal for you. Here you can connect to a network of an attorney who post and receive appearance jobs every day.

Currently, we function in Texas, Nevada, New York and California. If you are an attorney in one of those states, you have no reason to miss the app.

Whether you are a novice attorney or someone with good experience on your shoulders, earning extra money when needed or wanted can never harm.


Deposition Attorney get PAID INSTANTLY with AppearMe

The good news is that you don’t have to wait days and even weeks to get paid. Once you submit a brief report on the deposition, the system will pay you immediately. The app processes both the invoicing and the payment. There is no manual involvement in the payment procedure.

That’s why our payment procedures are fast. Once you click on the “Submit and Close” button, the system transfers the amount minus the processing fee to your bank account.

The attorneys that are loyal users of AppearMe gain an unfair advantage over those who don’t know about the app or don’t want to have it in their arsenal of tools for some reason.

You may have some rightful questions that we did not cover. Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Customer Support heroes for questions.

P.S. Once you become a user of the app, refer to a friend and receive $10 per each signup. Even if you are not a user of AppearMe, you can still refer to a friend and receive $10 by writing to [email protected].

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