Deposition Attorneys Can Earn More Than They Imagine!

Lawyers charge $150 for deposition. Now imagine you are connected to a network of attorneys that post deposition offers on a daily basis. The rate is the same. The total number of offers received in a day is different. Deposition attorneys connected to a network of attorneys called AppearMe receive multiple job offers in a day making more money than they did when they did not know about this application.


What is AppearMe?

AppearMe is a real-time, on-demand web and mobile app that connects attorneys. Thousands of lawyers are already loyal users of AppearMe. They post and accept court appearances on a daily basis.

If you are a lawyer with a busy schedule or someone who wants to take up deposition offers, AppearMe is for you.

Since signing up to AppearMe is absolutely free, you have no reason not to have this application in your arsenal of tools.

Here is what happens when you sign up to AppearMe.

  • You post and accept multiple job offers in a day;
  • You earn a steady income while being flexible in your work schedule;
  • You get paid instantly after you submit a brief report.


You are not telling me about your drawbacks, do you?

One thing to make it clear is that you don’t become an employee of AppearMe. When you sign up to the app, you become a registered user, and you can post and accept unlimited job offers. Having said that, we confirm that we don’t interview the attorneys registered in the portal. Nor do they become hired by AppearMe.

AppearMe has a strict policy of who gets registered with the portal. Only attorneys with an active license and eligible to practice law according to State bar association get registered. We verify user’s profile through the attorney’s bar association website taking into account factors like inactive license and disciplinary action. Those who are not legible do not get into the system,


Deposition attorneys earn more they expect

We understand deposition jobs require a lot of preparation, and you may have unbillable hours of work. But when you consider the number of offers received in a day, it becomes clear that your money will be steady and more than you made before.

We encourage you to sign up to AppearMe without any commitments whatsoever. If you are still undecided and want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Customer Support heroes for details. You can write to us at [email protected] or call us at (818) 744-3505. Otherwise, please sign up absolutely free and get started today!

P.S. You may have attorney friends who don’t know about our app. Refer to a friend and receive $10 per each sign-up when you are registered.

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