Emergency! I Need My Appearance Request to Be Picked Up NOW

Being an attorney of record may be stressful sometimes. You can always have emergency calls and court appearances for issues like handing in a missing document or rescheduling the hearing, which may truly spoil your day. You may be literally going out of your way and yet you cannot cover the appearance you were supposed to.

The good news is that now you can actually handle your court hearing without even attending it! AppearMe is here to find you an Appearance Attorney even when you have lost all hopes that the appearance will be covered.


Find an Appearance Attorney within minutes

AppearMe was created having the tight schedule of lawyers in mind. It is a platform that will help you find appearance attorneys within minutes. The network is accessible both on the web and mobile application. It connects attorneys of record and appearance attorneys in a single space. Thousands of attorneys have already registered. They regularly submit and claim appearance requests in courthouses throughout California. (Nevada and Texas attorneys will be able to use the system by mid-May of 2018.)  

You can create an appearance request in just two simple steps. You can describe the task, offer any price you wish as a compensation for appearance, upload necessary files or documents. All of your appearance requests can be easily managed in one place.

The attorneys on demand registered in our database usually pick up the requests within one minute. After the appearance attorney confirms your request, you can browse through his/her profile to read his or her bio and find necessary contact information.


Find an Appearance Attorney easier by offering more competitive payout

One of the features of the AppearMe platform allows its users to offer a more competitive payout to find appearance attorneys easier. Attorneys of record can offer a higher price than the minimum listed for a given appearance type. You may do this because of emergency or because appearances are further away from the major metropolitan cities or for any other reason.

Offering a higher payout works best for the last minute deals. When you offer a relatively higher amount of money for a single appearance, appearance attorneys will respond to your request faster and your offer will most likely be picked up.

This is a real savior for lawyers in situations when they have urgent calls or even a family emergency. Traveling to court and back especially when you have other urgent matters to do is sometimes literally impossible. There may be times when you will need to leave the courthouse before even the hearing has started. Whatever the situation, AppearMe is here to save you in difficult times.


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