Who Else Wants to Find a Deposition Attorney in Less than a Minute?

Many attorneys already don’t go through the hassle of finding a deposition attorney. They know a way which is easier and more efficient. If you have ever faced a situation when you cannot handle your next deposition and don’t know where to find the attorney you need, then AppearMe is for you.

You probably know Uber, Postmates and many others that find clients through the applications. AppearMe is just like them – you find attorneys through the application. It is an automated web and mobile application that you can download and use when needed or desired. Thousands of lawyers are already registered users, and you can be one of them.


Why use AppearMe?

A lot of loyal customers of AppearMe know that having software in the arsenal of tools that helps them find a fellow attorney for help is much needed. There are some things you should know about AppearMe. These features or benefits make the software an absolute necessity in the lawyer’s practice.


Attorneys of Record Pay per Match

Signing to AppearMe is absolutely free. Attorneys of record (the attorney who wants to hire a deposition attorney) pay only when they post a deposition request and get matched with appearance attorneys. We have no hidden costs. This gives you absolute freedom in when to use the app. Having the software puts no obligations on you whatsoever allowing you to take advantage of the application only when you need it.


Deposition Attorneys Get Paid Once they Close the Appearance

The deposition attorneys get paid instantly once they close the deposition. The money appears in their bank account within approximately 1 hour to allow the processing bank to complete the transaction. Forget about days when you had to wait days and even weeks for the money to transfer to you for outsourcing work. AppearMe has disrupted this practice making the payment system absolutely easy from invoicing to transfer.


Deposition Attorney: Final note

AppearMe is a win-win game. Attorneys on both sides win, and the company earns its processing fee. You can view the list of our appearance price plus the processing fee here. Our rules are clear, and our procedures are easy to use.

If you have any questions on how AppearMe works, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support heroes for more information. We are available for any inquiries and will be glad to assist you in your legal practice.

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