The Free App Which Will Help You Find an Appearance Attorney

Attorneys need to appear to all hearings. But, sometimes they have a busy schedule and too many court dates and need to find an appearance attorney to cover the hearing on their behalf. What would an attorney do normally in the past? Call a fellow attorney? Call an agency to see if they have a free attorney to cover the hearing? Gone are those days! Now you can use a free application to find an appearance attorney.


Automation has Penetrated into the Field of an Appearance Attorney

A lot of attorneys use a free app called AppearMe to find coverage for their hearings. Thousands of lawyers are already loyal users of the portal.

Due to automation, the process of hiring an attorney you need has become as easy as A B C.

Attorneys register in the system, post an appearance and next thing they know another attorney claims the appearance. Easy as that.


What Do I Need to Do?

First, register. Once you become a registered user of AppearMe, you can post and accept multiple job offers in a day in the states of California, New York, Texas, and Nevada.

Need a per diem service in New York? No problem anymore for attorneys! They can post an announcement in the app and wait a couple of minutes for an attorney to commit to the appearance.

From Ex Parte to motions, from MSJ to status conferences and depositions – the attorney registered in the portal cover various kinds of appearances.


What if I Don’t Like the Application?

You can leave the portal without any commitments. You pay per match and other than that you have no monetary commitments to AppearMe. You can cancel the service any time you want if there is a point in canceling a legal tool that you can use only when needed or desired.

You pay nothing when you sign up. So why not have an app in your arsenal of legal tools if you commit to nothing by signing up.

You will need THAT attorney at some point of your legal work. All lawyers do.

So, sign up today and let’s get started! If you have any questions, please feel free to write to our 24/7 Customer Support heroes with any inquiries ([email protected]) or call us at (818)744-3505.

One last thing…. Once you register in the system, you can refer to attorney friends and get as many $10s as many friends will sign up to the portal. Refer to a friend and receive $10 per each sign-up.

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