Finding Work as an Appearance Attorney is Easy with AppearMe

AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand web and mobile application that connects appearance attorneys with other attorneys in need of their services. The app makes it easy for on-call lawyers to find and accept hearings that are available for coverage.


Do I Have to Find My Own Clients?

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to spend any time networking or looking through job offers. AppearMe makes it easy to find work. All you need is join our growing network of court appearance attorneys and we will handle the rest (it’s truly that easy!)

Here’s how the app works:

  1. Create an account
  2. Let the work find you
  3. Cover the hearing
  4. Report results
  5. Get Paid


How Appearance Attorneys Benefit from Using AppearMe?

  • It’s FREE and easy to get started (more on this in a minute)
  • The average time to match with an attorney of record is 60 seconds
  • Securely chat and share files with attorneys of record using the app
  • On-call attorneys get paid in a timely manner through our secure payment system
  • Hire and get hired using the same account

Additionally, the app lets appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, freelance lawyers, expert witnesses, and litigation support specialists (interpreterslegal writerscourt reporterslegal assistantsvideographers, etc.) find plenty of jobs faster.


How Do I Get Started?

Creating an account is simple and fast. To join our nationwide network of court appearance attorneys, get our mobile application from the Apple Store or Google Play. You can also create an account using our website.

Note: AppearMe doesn’t allow just anyone to join our network. On-call attorneys must be in good standing with their state bar to join.

Once you have an account, you will get push notifications and emails on your mobile devices in real-time whenever local hearings become available for coverage. Remember, the job gets the appearance attorney who first accepts the request!

Once a hearing is over and the attorney’s report has been filed, it’s time for payment.

Say goodbye to gaps in your calendar. Pick up hearings that fit your schedule and increase your billable hours with AppearMe!

If you have any questions, contact our support team at (888) 900-3080 or [email protected].