Find Appearance Attorneys with AppearMe

I want to tell you the story of AppearMe, a web and mobile app that has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired. We are lawyers like you are, and we have gone through phases of our work when things just got out of control. Tough deadlines, a high level of stress and a heavy workload made our job unbearable at times, and we dreamed about ways that can relieve some stress from our shoulders. This is how AppearMe was born.

This web and mobile app is created by attorneys for attorneys. Being in your shoes, we have taken into consideration the small things that may matter to you, including lack of time, need to do things fast and easy and without unnecessary hassle.


What does AppearMe Offer to Other Attorneys?

AppearMe is an on-demand application that matches attorneys of record with appearance attorneys. Appearance attorneys have long been a helpful hand for attorneys of record but finding one was a hassle in the past. AppearMe has made the process of locating an attorney on demand extremely easy and fast. An appearance attorney may commit to your case at a record time of 60 seconds.

Once you are registered in the portal, you can accept and submit appearance request whenever you need or want. Signing up to AppearMe is without any commitments. We don’t charge you for signing up and only take a processing fee for each appearance ranging from $10. For complete information about our pricing go to this page.


How is AppearMe Different from Other Agencies?

Traditionally locating a court appearance attorney took hours and even days. The speed of finding an appearance attorney is perhaps one of the key conveniences of this legal tool. The whole process, including uploading your profile to submitting an appearance request takes a couple of minutes. Once registered, you can use the application whenever you need.

The ease of finding an appearance attorney is another advantage that sets AppearMe aside. You need to fill in sections on appearance type, number, courthouse details as well as appearance date and type and you are done. Another attorney will commit to your appearance in a couple of minutes. When an appearance attorney commits to your appearance, you will see his or her info on the “Matched” section.

Now you can talk to the attorney on the phone or message him or her.

We have come up with some features that you will love, including locating a special appearance attorney in your neighborhood, synchronizing with your favorite calendar, earning $5 for each referral and more. For complete info about AppearMe features, go to this page.

Our story as attorneys reflect the hard job of legal professionals. We did our part to make your life a little bit easier. We are sure you will enjoy the spare minutes that you may spend with your family and friends. Sign up and let us help you with your legal practice!


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