Find Placement for Your Court Appearance Assignments in Bellevue

Knowing the busy schedule of the lawyers, it’s hard to imagine how they manage their time accurately for all the meetings and court hearings where they are always expected to be on time. In most cases, nobody is interested in how much is the distance between the court and client’s locations and how many hours the lawyer should spend in traffic jams while getting to a court. Moreover, neither the client nor the judge is willing to accept the lawyer’s excuses for being late.

AppearMe, the mobile and web application, is the legal solution for similar stressful situations. With the help of AppearMe, a lawyer gets appearance attorney services within seconds in real-time while saving his time for other serious issues.


Court Appearance: Time is Your Most Precious Resource! Find an Appearance Attorney in Bellevue within 60 seconds

AppearMe assures fast and flexible responses to its users. Instead of spending your time on asking some companies to provide you with an appearance attorney and filling some documents, sign up for AppearMe, and find an attorney who entirely matches to their requirements within 60 seconds. Fast and innovative solutions to the problems are more practical, productive, and competitive rather than the traditional ones. AppearMe aims to make lawyers’ life easier and convenient.

Attorneys in Bellevue are also encouraged to use AppearMe for increasing their daily income. The platform allows its users to take as many requests as they wish for appearing other lawyers in the court. It’s a great opportunity for licensed attorneys in Bellevue to accept a couple of appearance requests at the same location during the day and earn money without spending much effort.
For the lawyers working in Washington, there is available a special beneficial surprise. For inviting their colleagues to join the network of AppearMe, the lawyers will be awarded* $40 for each signup in their accounts, which can be later used for covering personal expenses of appearance services.

*All fees must be honored and paid in accordance with each state bar’s rules and regulations.


Why Choose AppearMe?

With AppearMe, all the processes of registration and contacting appearance attorneys are simplified to the maximum. It takes only 2 minutes to sign up on the platform, and 60 seconds to find an attorney matching to the lawyer’s request. It’s worth mentioning that lawyers are enabled to apply appearance attorney services even 10 minutes before their actual hearing. Therefore, there is no need to worry about scheduling the requests weeks or months before.

AppearMe breaking the traditional ways of getting attorney appearance services, empowers the lawyers living in Bellevue to save their time and flourish their careers in a free-stress way. While enabling its users to take/refer cases, post/accept court appearances, depositions, legal freelancing, the platform enlarges the professional network of lawyers contributing to the boost of the law firms‘ performance.