A Time Saving Tool for Lawyers Looking for Work in Baltimore

Whether you’re in a hurry to leave your full-time job, or you just want to earn extra money with a side job, you know that searching for a job is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks. Luckily there’s an app that is designed to streamline the process. AppearMe will help you find jobs anywhere, anytime without wasting time or having to submit tons of applications on job boards. Scroll down to learn more!


Time Saving Tool for Lawyers: How I Left My Full-Time Job as a Lawyer and Built a Successful Freelance Career

About 6 months ago, I decided to leave my full-time job as a lawyer in search of a better work-life balance. I knew it’s time to quit my job. For many years, I couldn’t find time for my family and friends. My kids were having a picnic, playing cards, watching a movie, baking cookies with their grandma, while I was discussing cases with fellow lawyers, representing clients in court, covering court appearances, etc.

Honestly, it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I definitely don’t regret it (and hopefully will never do)!

So, after I left my 9-5 life I built a successful freelance career with the help of AppearMe. In 2016 a group of lawyers launched the application with one goal: to change the way legal professionals find work. AppearMe connects attorneys with an extensive network of legal professionals in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

The app allows appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, court reporters, court interpreters and freelance attorneys find jobs in less than a minute, earn extra money, make their own schedule, control their workload and get as many breaks and as much sleep as they want. Cool, right?


Easy to Get Started

Want to find jobs easier and faster with AppearMe? Oops! It looks like you don’t have an account yet. Whether you are an appearance attorney, deposition attorney, court reporter, court interpreter or a freelance lawyer in search of jobs, start by downloading the FREE app on your iOS/Android device. Next, enter the required information and click “Sign Up”.

As soon as you receive a verification email from AppearMe (only those with an active license and clean disciplinary history can join the network), you’ll start receiving notifications of new jobs in your area. See a job that fits? Accept it and it’s yours (NO INTERVIEW, NO RESUME needed)! Complete the job and get paid the same day.

For more information about AppearMes services, contact AppearMe Support Agents. Dial (888) 900-3080 or send your question(s) to [email protected].

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