Tech-minded folks know one thing: you need to be tech-savvy to catch up with the competition. And since you are on our page, you are a big step forward. Welcome to the tech world of hiring legal professionals!  We will talk about simple tasks like finding a court reporter and a court interpreter. 

Simple, yes, but is it easy? Sometimes they take away too much time and money when they shouldn’t. If you don’t want to waste resources, you should definitely consider innovative approaches. It’s time for fresh starts and fresh ideas! Keep on scrolling and find out about AppearMe and how the application can help you hire professionals in no time.


Spend Less Time on Hiring a Court Reporter and a Court Interpreter

Be honest: how much time do you spend on administrative tasks? An hour, two hours? Why not use that time to bill clients or just enjoy a cup of cappuccino in a nearby cafe? Hiring process takes away from your time but it can be done in literally minutes. This is what advanced lawyers do today when they become users of the web and mobile application AppearMe.

  • Request submitted
  • Request claimed
  • Assignment covered
  • Report submitted
  • Professional paid.


Here is how it looks:


Request submitted: to submit a request, you need to become a user of AppearMe. Since registration is free, you don’t need to pay a penny to gain access to a pool of legal professionals. Just download from App Store and Google Play or get started on the web. Once you submit your info, we will check and get back to you. And here you go! Start submitting requests for a court appearance attorney, court reporter, court interpreter, deposition attorney and refer entire cases.

Request claimed: when you submit a request, it goes to thousands of legal professionals in one of 13 states you choose (California, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona). The first professional who claims gets the assignment. Obviously, the professionals respond immediately, in less than a minute.

The assignment covered: now the assignees will appear to the venue and cover the assignment on the due date and time. 

Report submitted: court reporters submit a written transcript and all other professionals submit a short report to get paid.

Professional paid: payment is automatic in AppearMe. Once the professional submits a report and closes the assignment, the money will be transferred from the hiring attorney’s bank account to the hired professional’s bank account through an automatic system.


Contact AppearMe for More Questions!

We covered the basics but you may have some questions. Don’t hesitate to sign up right now as you pay not a single penny for registration. If you have questions, please call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]. And remember, the application is not only for hiring court reporters and court interpreters. It is also for court appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys and referring entire cases.

We found the best solution in the market for you! Simply sign up and never, never again waste time on tasks that other lawyers do through automation. That’s the secret of a successful lawyer in the 21st century!



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