Don’t Look Anywhere Else If You Are in Search of a Lawyer Referral Service in Illinois

In some cases, it is advantageous or even necessary to refer a case to another attorney. This happens when there is a conflict of interest, the case is out of your expertise area, or you lack the competence to act in a certain jurisdiction. Instead of declining the offer, you can pass it to another attorney and still earn a referral fee. The referral fees are generally allowed in Illinois, which have adopted versions of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and other professional conduct guidelines. If you are in search of a lawyer referral service in Illinois, we have good news for you. Now you can post a request online and view profiles of attorneys absolutely free. You just need to sign up to the mobile and web app AppearMe and start referring cases or receiving case referrals in Illinois.


AppearMe is the Best Alternative to any Lawyer Referral Service in Illinois

You must have tried a lot of agencies before you learned about AppearMe. But since you are on our page things are going to be a lot different. Let me explain how AppearMe is different from other lawyer referral services.


  • AppearMe charges no processing fee. Generally, when you apply to a lawyer referral service, you need to pay some money from the outset even though you are not sure if the attorney is the right fit. There are no such charges with AppearMe. You can refer a case and receive case referrals absolutely free!
  • You can scroll and view the profiles of 5 and more attorneys. And again it’s free! No need to pay attorney fee for a consultation. This is not the case with AppearMe. Just choose an attorney who is the best fit. Suppose you talked to the attorney and decided that he or she was not the right fit. You have the chance to post a request once again and select a new one.
  • Communicate with the attorneys absolutely free! Once you post a request and choose the attorney you need, you can contact him/her on AppearMe, via phone/email/SMS. Once again, this is at no cost to you!
  • You can earn a referral fee depending on state regulations. We require that all fees should be honored and paid in accordance to state bar rules and regulations.
  • All arrangements are between the two attorneys. You can arrange attorney referral fee agreements and other written communication between you, the attorney and the client on your own.


If you are good with these terms, we encourage you to sign up.


Sign up now! Refer a Case in Illinois

Now that you are ready to have a tool on your devices that you can use whenever you need or want, you’d better sign up to AppearMe. A lot of lawyers have already seen the advantages of the app(App Store or Google Play) and have become loyal users. Be one of them!

We understand you may have some questions. First, read our FAQs. If you have further questions, please call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to support you in getting started!

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