Do You Need a Per Diem Attorney in New York? Find One in 60 seconds!

A lot of lawyers know that they cannot cover all the appearances and they may need the help of another attorney. Some get lost in dire situations. Others get out of their way to accomplish all the tasks. Luckily, there is a special appearance application in the market that has proved to be a savior in emergencies. Learn how to find a per diem attorney in New York and 9 other states in 60 seconds!


Per Diem Attorney: Know How to Spend Time Wisely

What do ordinary lawyers do when they need to cover a hearing which they cannot attend? They normally call an agency or look for a lawyer in lawyers’ directories or just seek the help of fellow lawyers. This is an outdated method of hiring a per diem attorney. A lot of lawyers use the automated application called AppearMe because it is faster and more efficient.

Lawyers that have become loyal users of AppearMe ask a simple question before they push the “request” button. “Shall I spend 2 hours on court coverage or shall I use this time to bill one more client?” Interestingly, they always find that billable hours are more important than court coverage. A lot of lawyers know how to spend time more wisely. Now that you are on our page, it’s time to join the network of lawyers that don’t waste time and efforts.


How Fast is AppearMe?

Let me explain the process of hiring a per diem attorney in New York using AppearMe. Thousands of attorneys are connected in one single space. Suppose someone needs an attorney. He will submit a request and other attorneys will get notified about it (push notification and email). Now the first attorney who responds will get the job. No surprise, the attorneys react fast! It may take less than a minute until someone commits to your appearance. So, 60 seconds is a realistic period for you to wait for an attorney.


Who is it For?

Lawyers submit appearance requests for various reasons. You may be stuck in another courthouse, or maybe you are tired of going to court with just one or two cases on your calendar. You may be a retired attorney or a novice lawyer who wants to gain footing in the industry. Or maybe you are in the midst of training and can’t make full-time commitments.

Whatever the reason, AppearMe is a flexible tool that you can use at any time and anywhere in New York and 9 other states. Be that Buffalo, Bronx, Rochester, Queens, Syracuse or any other city of New York state, we are available!

If you are an attorney in any of these cities, you should definitely sign up to AppearMe! Get more info about our platform on our help page. Call us (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]. Sign up today and make AppearMe your legal tool!

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