How to Find a Per Diem Attorney in Less Than a Minute?

An important aspect of a lawyer’s job is to appear to depositions and other appearances. Most often lawyers do their best to appear to all hearings and proceedings, but the reality is that it is almost practically impossible. Lawyers have conflicting court dates, get sick or just are exhausted from a large volume of work. Hiring a per diem attorney is a solution. But how to do the hiring process less time-consuming and frustrating? After all, there is a solution you can hire an appearance lawyer to take some pressure off your shoulders. If you are in a situation when hiring a per diem attorney seems a nerve-wracking experience, turn to AppearMe. At AppearMe, we can help you find a per diem attorney in seconds (in an average of 60 seconds), so you can have more time for more mandatory work.


Hire a Per Diem Attorney Using Automatic Portal

You must have heard that the automation of routine tasks saves a lot of time for legal professionals. You might as well be aware that a lot of lawyers use various task management apps to make their job less time-consuming. The day has come when you can hire a per diem attorney using an automatic platform. To be short, let me highlight the steps that you will take when you become a user.

  • Register/ Sign up
  • Submit a request by filling in the required fields
  • Get an answer from another lawyer in an average of 60 seconds. The first legal professional who will respond to your offer will become your appearance attorney.


Now what? You are sitting in your office having assigned the job through a networking application and you are still on edge. “Will he do a proper job?” “Did I do the right thing?”

To spread all doubts, I want to say that only attorneys with an active license and without disciplinary history get into the system. They also know that you are going to get feedback, so they are extremely diligent in what they do. Be sure that you did the right thing: you saved time for you and assigned the task to an attorney that has all qualifications to do decent work for you.

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