Florida Lawyer Referral Services

There are thousands of lawyers in Florida that refer cases to other attorneys. They do that because they cannot provide adequate representation to the client, because of heavy caseload or some other reason. While there is a limit to referral fees in Florida (up to 25%), you may still walk away with good money collecting your referral fee. You may not pass a case or a client to people who are not attorneys with an active license. This is a general rule in the state of Florida. In this article, I will detail on case referral services and will recommend you a super easy way of referring your case and collecting your referral fee.


How do Florida Lawyer Referral Services Work?

Generally, if you need an attorney to handle a case on your behalf, you will apply to lawyer referral services. The agent will put you in contact with a lawyer with proper qualification. The consultation with the lawyer may be for some charge. You will then decide whether you want this lawyer to take up the representation or not.

You may decide to work with case referral services, though this can be inefficient and burdened at time due to restrictive laws on referral agencies.

For example, the new rules governing lawyer referral services have changed a lot the way lawyers interact with these services. Now you don’t have the right to refer a case through an agency that also provides non-legal referral services. This means if an agency offers both legal and medical referrals, you are not allowed to refer your case in Florida through such agency.


What is “Partial Participation?”

Another thing you should be aware of when you refer a case in Florida is that the rule on “partial participation” applies for all case referrals in Florida. This means that the referring attorney needs to “participate” or do something other than submitting the referral in order to qualify for a referral fee. This is different from California where “bare naked” referral fees are allowed.

Also, you cannot collect more than 25% of the total fee while the accepting lawyers should collect at least 75% of the total fee. Any other deviation may be subject to the scrutiny of the court.


AppearMe Can Help with Case Referral Services

Instead of going through complicated procedures and paying for attorney consultation without even knowing whether you are going to trust the legal representation to that lawyer or not, we offer you a super easy method of finding an attorney.

You can sign up to the AppearMe web and mobile app(App Store and Google Play) and submit a request. Thousands of lawyers registered in Florida will get your announcement. You will receive a response in 60 seconds on average. After reviewing the profiles of 5 or more attorneys, you can select a lawyer and contact him/her via the system or by phone/email/SMS. You may drop your offer if you don’t want to trust your case to that attorney and that is absolutely at no cost to you.

For questions about managing your account and more, please check our FAQs. If you still have questions, give us a call at (888) 900-3080 or send your question to [email protected]. We are always happy to help!

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