Be the Freelance Attorney who Knows How to Get Clients

As a freelance attorney, you take up occasional jobs from attorneys who don’t have the time or don’t want to do the job. Some attorneys dread of freelancing thinking they will not have a stable income. However, the solution is right there, under your nose. You need to get connected with the right attorneys who want to contract out their job so that you don’t miss a day of work. The question is ”how?” We have a never-before-heard application for you that you can use to get connected with other attorneys. By the end of this article, you will realize that you never need to panic about your revenues when you work as a freelancer.


A Freelance Attorney Can Get Clients Easily with AppearMe

We are speaking about AppearMe – a special web and mobile app that has disrupted the way appearance attorneys are hired. And not only that. Our attorneys hire court reporters through the portal and refer entire cases.

Imagine you are working in an office where thousands of other attorneys and dozens of court reporters work. When attorneys need a court appearance attorney or a court reporter, they ask the manager to assign them an appearance attorney or a court reporter.

Look at AppearMe as a big virtual office without a manager!. When an attorney needs court coverage or a court reporter, he/she submits a request and all others get the offer. The first professional who responds takes the assignment. No more managers!

Our application is the distributor. It will automatically assign the task to the accepting professional, and the two can start communicating through the application.

AppearMe is an extraordinarily useful tool for all attorneys. When they download the application, they can use it when they want. Due to its convenience, a lot of attorneys use it every day in the states of California, New York, Nevada, Texas, and New Jersey. With thousands of legal professionals registered with the application, freelance attorneys face no shortage of jobs.

The attorneys can also refer entire cases and receive referral fees. Case referrals are absolutely free with AppearMe. We don’t charge the attorneys a penny when they refer and get cases.

One thing is clear. You can boost your client base as an appearance attorney and get lots of case referrals by a simple act of registering to this automatic app. Sounds good?

If you haven’t signed up yet, please sign up now at no cost to you. We don’t charge anything when registering an attorney. Legal professionals pay only when they post an offer, and someone accepts it. When they cover the assignment and submit a brief report or a transcript, the applications automatically makes their payment.

If you feel you need to know more, our helpful staff is here to assist you. Contact us for more details!


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