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With all the layoffs and uncertainty in the legal industry, a lot of lawyers leverage their existing skills and knowledge to build up a freelance business. All right and good. With the free schedule and the flexibility of work, legal freelancing attracts a lot of professionals. Having the needs of attorneys in mind, the legal application AppearMe extended its services to include legal freelancing making the business even more lucrative for its registered users.

In this article, you will learn why to join AppearMe and how to become a registered user.


Freelance Legal Work: Why Join the Legal Application AppearMe

You do want at least some sort of certainty when you are doing freelancing. Do you want me to open a secret? You will not have certainty unless you network with one or several platforms that supply jobs intensively. If you do join freelancing portals (several of them), you will be amazed at the flow of work you will have.

Now let’s get to AppearMe – a mobile and web application that connects attorneys in a huge legal platform. Thousands are registered users in 10 states (California, New York, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona) with a prospect to grow. Attorneys exchange jobs, including court appearances, depositions, legal freelancing jobs and even refer entire cases.

Unlike a lot of apps, AppearMe is free to register without any subscription fee (read “How much does it cost to use the application?) This makes the platform rather attractive since you don’t invest a single penny and get connected with other legal professionals in a huge network.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of tasks you can get when you become a registered user of AppearMe.

  • Research Memo
  • Answers to a Complaint
  • Answer to a Lawsuit
  • Drafting a Complaint
  • Writing a Complaint
  • Drafting a Lawsuit
  • Drafting a Demand Letter OR Demand Letters
  • Drafting a Wills and Trusts Package
  • Responding to a Discovery Set
  • Case Summaries
  • Drafting Deposition Questions
  • Drafting Deposition Sets

If you are interested in taking on tasks like this, you should definitely sign up to AppearMe.


Interested in Legal Freelancing and More? Sign Up

Download the AppearMe app from App Store or Google Play or if you are using a computer, simply log in into your account using browser.

We have done the hard job for you creating a huge network where jobs are exchanged seamlessly easy. You will get a push notification on your mobile and an email once an attorney posts a job.

To make things short, if you want to receive job offers several hours from now, sign up ASAP and we will get back to you.


Have Questions? Call AppearMe!

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