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Legal practice is changing, and a lot of in-house lawyers are thinking of ways to keep their life and work balance. Most attorneys work about six days a week, fifty plus hours per week and they need to be available anywhere at any time and most importantly during extreme times (trial, an important deal closing, etc). This is not the case anymore. A lot of attorneys have realized that they will gain a lot more if they assign part of their job to other attorneys(appearance attorney). This opens wide doors for many attorneys to take up jobs as a court appearance professional at some point in their career.


AppearMe – a Portal for Appearance Attorney Jobs

If you haven’t heard about AppearMe so far, you have missed something important in your legal career. AppearMe is a portal where attorneys get connected through a user-friendly interface. A lot of attorneys don’t want to have stretches in their career without a day off, and they eagerly assign court coverages to other attorneys. The portal connects the attorneys who are willing to assign/receive court coverage. Basically, AppearMe is a connecting bridge between the two.


Get Multiple Court Appearance Jobs

One of the advantages of registering with AppearMe is that you get multiple job assignments in a day. If you are determined to make money by court appearances, AppearMe makes it possible for you. Whether you are an in-house lawyer or a retired attorney, AppearMe can be a source of income for you on a daily basis.

The system is fast and easy. One attorney posts a request and other attorneys get push notifications on their mobiles or emails. One of the attorneys commits to the appearance, and he or she covers the hearing. As simple as that. Fast, efficient and automated.

Thousands of attorneys are already registered in the portal in California and Nevada, and we are already stepping into Texas and New York. If you are an attorney in California, Nevada, New York or Texas, this is a tool to make money on the side or make it an opportunity for regular work.

There is one point to make clear from the start that registering with AppearMe is absolutely free.


You Don’t Pay When You Register

You don’t need to make any investment to get connected to the network. AppearMe is absolutely free to use. All attorneys can sign up and post and receive multiple job offers. The question is why not have a legal tool in your pocket which you can use whenever you want or need one.

Signing up to AppearMe without any commitments is something no attorney can turn down. There is just no point to fail to notice the advantages of the breakthrough technologies that the market offers today especially when you pay per use only.

If you want to know more about AppearMe, read our blog or contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and see you among our registered team of attorneys.

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