Graduated from Law School, Now What?

Hey new grad! Congratulations! You have conquered a challenge that only a handful have been able to even dream about. As a newly ordained attorney, your new challenge is to acquire some solid experience as well as to build and refine your attorney skills. Having graduated from law school, you definitely have all the necessary theoretical knowledge necessary for any lawyer. However, only mastering a theory is not enough regardless of what path you decide to take upon graduation. You should look for opportunities to put your knowledge into practice. And here are some suggestions for you to consider as you move forward to starting off your legal career.

Make Court Appearances

Besides everyday responsibilities, many lawyers tend to make court appearances. By making court appearances they get the opportunity to frequently enter the court and participate in different court hearings. Over time you will be more proficient in working with platforms such as AppearMe that you can use to catch more appearance requests or even submit an appearance one day.

Considering the fact that appearance attorneys have to appear to any court assigned by the attorney of record, the job of an appearance attorney is challenging sometimes. But it also brings a number of benefits to you. Read our article on 5 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming an Appearance Lawyer as an addition to this one.

Look for Internships

You may have attended some training sessions to acquire practical knowledge about a lawyer’s everyday life. But simply listening to suggestions and pieces of advice is no good for you. Completing an internship at a law firm will vastly widen the range of your practical skills and having to deal with real cases and real people will definitely boost your professionalism. Internships help to enrich any attorney’s bio which can be used in the future. On the other hand, many companies offer a job opportunity to their most enthusiastic and vigorous interns. This is yet another opportunity you might use on your path to success.

Explore Different Cases

Experience comes as you work with different cases that touch upon distinct areas of law. Working in different legal areas will help you explore the challenges that each type of a case could have. Making court appearances could give you a chance to participate in different court hearings and deal with different types of cases. With time, you will get an idea of how to deal with different challenges and handle your own cases. 

These were some suggestion from our team about how you could enrich your professional skills and gain more practical experience. We hope that someday you will come back to add your own suggestions to share with other recent graduates!

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