Have your Appearance Covered Before your Coffee Gets Cold

Some people think the cooler the coffee, the better it tastes. They need to wait 5-10 minutes for the coffee to be right for them. Too long? You don’t have to wait as long for your deposition attorney or appearance attorney to find you! You can find one in 60 seconds.

Sounds fantastic? Our 100% automatic app has made this a reality. AppearMe is an on-demand real-time web and mobile app that connects attorneys within minutes. It takes less than 60 seconds for a deposition attorney/appearance attorney to commit to your case through an automatic portal.

Here is how it works.


Sign up and Post/Accept Unlimited Job Offers

Once you sign up and get verified, you can post/accept unlimited job offers. This is a true help both for the attorneys of record and deposition/appearance attorneys.

AppearMe is the bridge between attorneys. On one hand, some lawyers are sometimes in dire need of an appearance attorney or a deposition attorney to cover their hearings or depositions. On the other hand, many deposition/appearance attorneys are in search of proper job offers. AppearMe connects these two group of attorneys. Lawyers meet at the portal by registering for free and posting/accepting unlimited job offers.


Signing up is Absolutely Free

You don’t need to pay to join the portal. AppearMe is absolutely free to register. In fact, you find a legal tool in your arsenal that you can use when needed or desired.

The last points are worth highlighting. You use AppearMe ONLY and WHEN needed or desired. You have not commitments whatsoever.

Attorneys of record pay per match for an appearance or deposition. Once the appearance attorney or a deposition attorney closes the appearance/deposition and submits a brief report, he/she gets paid instantly after. The money will be in his/her bank account within an hour.

Signing up to AppearMe takes 2-3 minutes. Once you fill in all the fields and click register, your info will be transferred to AppearMe which will verify your identity through attorney’s state bar association website. It will take a couple of hours for AppearMe to verify your portal. Once you get verified, you become a part of a big attorney network that has proved to be useful for many lawyers.


Have your appearance covered with AppearMe

We understand that the market is full of agencies that offer appearance attorneys/deposition attorneys. We differ from these agencies with the fastest results in the market. You don’t lose anything when you sign up. Give it a try and wait for positive moves in your legal career.

Our 24/7 Customer Support heroes are here to help you with any inquiries. You may have questions about AppearMe which you can address using email at [email protected] or phone at (818) 744-3505.

When you are ready to sign up, please feel free to fill in this form. It will take you less than 2 minutes.

Since you are here….

We want to offer you to get free $10 for referring to a friend. You can refer to a friend and receive $10 per each sign-up when you are registered or by writing at [email protected].

Enjoy your day and let’s get started!

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