A New Way to Hire a Freelance Attorney for Your Law Firm

When it comes to hiring a freelance attorney for your law firm, there is no better way than using the AppearMe app. You might be wondering why to use an app for hiring but there are good reasons for that. Read this article if you want to find a new way to hire a freelance attorney for your law firm.


Why Use AppearMe for Hiring a Freelance Attorney?

The most important reason is that you spend literally minutes on finding the right candidate. The current reality is that few law firms want to spend hours on finding a match. And that’s normal. Taken the hectic and busy schedule of lawyers, no one wants to spend hours on a simple task like finding an appearance attorney, deposition attorney or a contract attorney. With AppearMe you reduce this time to minutes. You can spend 2-3 minutes on request making and another 60 seconds on committal. Sounds you found the perfect app for your law firm! Now go ahead and sign up and do that absolutely free!


Freelance Attorney: How to Sign Up to AppearMe?

Simply head to www.appearme.com, hit the SIGN UP button, provide all your information and wait a couple of minutes for us to get back to you. We want to see only attorneys with an active license eligible to practice law according to state bar rules. We also don’t register attorneys that have disciplinary actions behind them. If you meet these requirements, go ahead and register your law firm for free.


Can My Law Firm Accept Job Requests?

The truth is that your law firm can accept referrals but they cannot accept job offers. You can only post offers ranging from court appearances to depositions to legal freelancing. Is your law firm short of resources to complete a contract drafting? No worries! The registered attorneys will take charge of the task and submit the assignment by the deadline.

If you have worries about the competence of the attorneys, we have to put you at ease as well. You will pay only if satisfied. If not, there are special procedures at AppearMe that your law firm and the attorneys will follow in case of freelance assignments.


Questions? Keep in Touch!

Keep in touch with AppearMe with any questions! Call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]. We work 24/7 and will get back to you ASAP.

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