How to Find an Appearance Attorney Within Minutes

AppearMe is here to make your frustrations and wasted hours disappear. You never have to call a list of 20 or more entities to book a hearing or a special appearance. What if you need an appearance attorney within an hour or for tomorrow or even at the last 10 minutes? You think you are stuck? This is not true when you join the AppearMe application. Appearance attorneys/per diem attorneys respond almost instantly once you post a job offer.


Find an Appearance Attorney/Per Diem Attorney Within Minutes – It’s Possible!

AppearMe has revolutionized the hiring of appearance attorneys. Now you can post an announcement, and you will not have time to make a cup of cappuccino, and a lawyer will take your appearance.

There is a simple underlying solution under the AppearMe application. The first lawyer who responds to the job offer is the one who takes the assignment. Do you realize that the users of the application are motivated to act fast? This simple solution has had a revolutionary impact on the appearance attorney market. The lawyers take job assignment within minutes, even less than a minute. Simple and smart.

And not only that!


A Portal for a Deposition, Court Reporter, and Case Referral

AppearMe is a portal for not only court appearance jobs but depositions, court reporters and case referral. Here is what you can do when you become a member of the application:


  1.       Find a deposition attorney: depositions are part of the spectrum of jobs that are offered and accepted with the AppearMe application. The lawyers registered with the portal appear to depositions and submit brief reports once they close the appearance.


  1.       You can find court reporters with the AppearMe application. The same smart solution applies when searching for a court reporter, which means you can expect someone to respond to your offer within minutes.


  1.       You can refer a case and earn a referral fee. You will hardly find a portal where you can refer a case without paying a processing fee. This is possible with AppearMe. We charge not a penny for your case referrals. Refer a case and earn your referral fee depending on state regulations. The only requirement we pose is that the referral fees are to be honored and paid in accordance with each state’s Bar rules and regulations.


Contact AppearMe for More Info

We are always here to answer all your questions. Contact AppearMe whenever you feel like you did not get an answer to a question. But for now, consult our help page or read articles in our blog. You may as well decide to sign up  right away. Do that to make sure you can post and receive per diem attorney jobs in a couple of hours after AppearMe approves your profile.


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