Invite Your Attorney Friends and Get $10 for Each Sign-Up

Already a user of AppearMe? Do you know you can get $10 by referring this special appearance app to your attorney friends? This is the easiest way to earn extra bucks while doing a favor to your friends who will love the idea of finding an appearance attorney in less than a minute. The good news is that now your friends in Texas and New York can join the portal. Finding a Texas appearance attorney and an appearance attorney in New York is easy as one, two, three. Your attorneys will love finding appearance attorneys easy and fast. Sharing is caring!


How to Do It?

When you sign up, you will see the INVITE button right below the main menu. Enter the email of your attorney friend, and when he/she gets registered, you will get your $10. It will be deposited to your registered bank account once your attorney friend gets registered and verified. Be sure to invite attorney friends only with an active license as AppearMe registers only attorneys who have an active license. You can invite as many friends as you like and earn $10 multiple times!


Why Would Your Attorney Friends Love This Special Appearance App?

To tell the least, they will love the fastest portal for finding an appearance attorney. We were amazed to see one of our registered attorneys claiming for an appearance in 27 seconds! The average time for committal is 60 seconds. This is the fastest in the market!


Your friends will like other benefits of AppearMe which are exceptional in their functionality:

  • Appearance attorneys get paid the second they close the appearance: once the appearance attorney completes the task and clicks “Close and Submit” button, the amount minus the processing fee is transferred to his/her registered bank account.
  • Attorneys of record pay a competitive price for a service that they can find nowhere else. Attorneys of record pay the market price or less and find an appearance attorney in less than a minute. This is an unprecedented thing in the legal market, and your attorney friends will appreciate for referring this special appearance app to them.
  • Your attorney friends will love the easy way of creating an appearance. They need to fill a couple of fields, including case type and number, courthouse details, as well as the date. This takes less than 2 minutes.
  • Attorneys don’t need to have two accounts to submit and accept appearance requests. They can do so using the same account.
  • They can work in the geographic areas and fields of practice they prefer by setting their preferences in this special appearance app.

These are just a few of the benefits AppearMe offers. Be the first to refer to your friends! Earn $10 by being the good guy!

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