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Lawyers are busy professionals. Aside from hectic demands of preparing cases and reviewing tons of documents, lawyers must appear to courts. Sometimes court appearances are for minor reasons like handing in a document or rescheduling a hearing. These appearances are time-consuming and cost attorneys money in terms of lost per hour rate and travel expenses (driving to the court and back and parking). If you are in search of CA special appearance attorneys, here is what you should know before you hire one.


Special Appearance Attorneys Must Adhere to Rules of Professional Conduct

On September 26, 2018, the California Supreme Court issued an order approving new Rules of Professional Conduct. These rules are effective on November 1, 2018. The rules intend to regulate the professional conduct of lawyers who are licensed by the State Bar through discipline. These rules are binding on all attorneys licensed by the State Bar. Among others, the State Bar encourages ethical practices to prevent lawyer misconduct. Lawyers owe a duty of professionalism, including civility, professional integrity, competence and more.


The Special Appearance Attorneys Website Should be Trustworthy

You may have noticed a lot of agencies that provide CA special appearance lawyers. Your task is to decide which one to trust. The website of the portal or agency is the professional face of the entity. Make sure it is clear and does not cause confusion. The website should be professional in nature, easy to navigate and should not hide information that may surprise you at the end.


Make Sure to Provide Necessary Case Information

The success of the appearance depends not only on the competence of the legal professional you hire but on the extent and clarity of the information you provide to the lawyer. When you provide concise and clear information on the task, the legal professional is in a better position to complete it properly. So make sure you assist the attorney since it is your duty to explain the task that he or she must pursue.


AppearMe Can Help

Now that you have read about the basics in finding a CA special appearance attorney, let me refer you to a website that will help you find a professional within seconds. I am talking about AppearMe, a web and mobile app that connects lawyers within seconds. You can use the web as well as mobile application to submit a request, and an appearance attorney will claim for the request within a minute or two.

The portal takes care of the professional integrity of the attorneys. Only legal professionals with an active license and without disciplinary history get into the portal. The AppearMe staff checks the information submitted by the legal professionals.

This system is extremely useful especially if you are out of the office or are on your way. Since it is absolutely free to register, attorneys love the idea of having a tool that they can use only when needed.

Here is what you can find with AppearMe:

Free legal tool to sign up and become a user
Attorneys competent in different practice areas
1-minute request making and 1-minute request committal
Web and mobile application to download from App Store and Google Play
Fair prices.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff. Otherwise, sign up today and have a legal tool that is a must in this techno age.

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