Language Interpreters at a Budget You will Love

When it comes to buying a service, you need to know the most effective way to save both time and money, right? When you deal with language interpretation, you should especially be cautious as you are paying not only the interpreter but also a commission to the translation agency. We offer you to give AppearMe a chance to locate language interpreters for you so you don’t waste too much time on the hiring process and still pay a competitive price.


How Much do Language Interpreters Charge per Hour?

If you are a law firm or an attorney, sure you don’t want an in-house interpreter. You would rather pay a contract translator an hourly wages for specific assignments. According to Job Monkey, the average hourly rates for interpreters range from $30-$80, depending on the type and location of the work. Consider also the qualification of the interpreter. Certified interpreters normally make much more money than professionally qualified interpreters. Think also of the commission that the language agency charges. When you add up the commission of the agency, you end with a quite serious fee.


Mileage, Travel and Other Related Expensed

In some cases, the interpreter will want to claim the mileage to travel to a job site to be reimbursed in advance by you. The rate is 57.5 cents per mile. To get the most recent rate, visit the IRS website for more information.

The interpreter may also claim for travel time, ferry, parking and toll fees. In some cases, airfare, meals, and lodging may also need to be reimbursed.


AppearMe Offers a Solution

You can find an interpreter with AppearMe at a daily rate as low as $320. Since interpreters claim in nearby locations, they won’t charge for mileage and related expenses.

But forget about the money! My point is different. You gain other advantages with AppearMe that no lawyer can turn down. You can find an interpreter even 10 minutes before the scheduled event!

Simply submit a request and hundreds of interpreters will get push notifications and emails. The first interpreter who claims will get the job. The average time for claiming is 60 seconds.

Yes, your budget will love AppearMe because we save time that you can turn into steady cash.

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