Be a Lawyer Who Keeps Pace with Technology

Technology has disrupted the way legal business is done. Automation, digitalization, integrated systems like online legal services, e-discovery and practice management software are part of a lawyer’s practice, and every lawyer needs to be aware of that. There are a lot of legal tech startups that have a revolutionary impact on the legal business. Notarize,  Legalist, Avvo, Clio, Relativity and AppearMe are just a few among legal tech startups that strive for efficiency and fast results.

According to 2017 Legal Trends Report, lawyers spend on non-billable hours more than they spend on billable hours. The report found that lawyers spend only 2.3 hours per day on billable tasks raising the question of what happens to the remaining six hours.

It turns out that most of the time is spent on office administration, generation and sending bills, configuration technology, collecting payment or working on business development to find new clients.

If you want to work more hours on billable tasks, you should look for ways to spend less time on administrative and development matters and search for more efficient solutions.

Legal technological startups are a solution to these demands. Each of them addresses several or one aspects of the legal challenges, but all of them strive for the best results in the most efficient manner.


Here are three leading techs in the market.


Relativity – the E-Discovery Private Company

Relativity, formerly kCura, is a company in the field of E-discovery. E-discover is any process in which electronic data is searched and obtained with the purpose of use as evidence in a civil and criminal case.

Relativity helps users organize date, discover the truth and act on it. Organizations around the world use the company’s e-discovery platform to manage large volumes of data. They can quickly identify main issues during litigation, internal investigation, and compliance projects.


Clio – a Cloud-Based Practice Management Tool

Clio is one of the premier legal tech events in the legal market. It is a practice management, time, billing, and client collaboration platform. Developed by Themis Solutions, Clio targets small to mid-sized law firms. The company provides cloud-based practice management. You can manage everything from intake to invoicing and snap. Clio operates in many different practice areas, including administrative law, business formation and compliance law, bankruptcy law and more. Some of the features of Clio include matter management, time tracking, trust accounting, billing, legal accounting, document management and more.


AppearMe – Legal Tech Startup for Hiring an Appearance Attorney or a Deposition Attorney

AppearMe is the first startup to bring Silicon Valley ingenuity to the legal industry. Created for attorneys by attorneys, the portal connects thousands of attorneys in one single portal within minutes. The web and mobile app connects attorneys who want to find court appearance attorneys and those who are in search of court appearance jobs. The 100% automated tool is optimized such that after creating an offer, you will not have to worry about payments or finalizing the appearances. It takes 2 minutes to sign up, 2 minutes to create an appearance and 60 seconds to find the attorney you need.

These were just three of many legal tech startups in the market. Underlooking technology is something lawyers cannot afford today. It is undeniable that lawyers need to keep pace with the technology to survive in the market.

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