What Skills Will Lawyers Need for 2020?

In the world of emerging technology and the fast-growing legal sector, it is essential to adapt to the changing needs of clients in the upcoming year. The legal professionals should take themselves out of their comfort zone and develop new skills as well as a new understanding of technology, legal services, and marketing to cope with changing circumstances. 

Besides, It’s a well-known fact that there is strong competition to secure a job in the legal area. Therefore, to be successful and stay relevant in 2020, a lawyer needs these 5 important skills. 


Lawyers: Tech-Savviness

Tech-savvy lawyers are driven by innovation and aspiration to explore, discover, and implement newer and more advanced legal solutions in order to find better, efficient, and faster ways to accomplish tasks and provide legal support. Technology enables lawyers to run their practice more efficiently, to inform their clients properly, and protect their data. A tech-savvy lawyer will have many competitive benefits from being up to date with the latest trends in legal technology.


Lawyers: Networking Skills

The features of a great attorney and a great networker can be comparable. When a lawyer is networking, that means that he/she interacts with new people to gain important information and valuable connections. Remember, as a lawyer, you are required to network and acquire new clients, business contacts, and valuable acquaintances throughout your whole legal career. It is better to learn the art of networking now since it is one of the key factors that stimulate success. 


Time & Self-Management

Time & self-management have become a significant problem for our society in the digital world. The feeling of having too much work to handle and always not enough time to get it done is well-known to most lawyers. Hence, law firms are looking for legal talents who can demonstrate the capability of managing themselves and their time efficiently to accomplish their tasks effectively.


Flexibility & Resilience

It is natural that to cope with a new digital reality and have the energy to constantly learn new skills you should be not only flexible but also resilient to endure changes, stressful situations, and uncertainty and to remain professional. 



The final important skill of the upcoming year we have selected is creativity. Attorneys are required to be creative and have new ways of thinking and running their legal practice. Besides, you are encouraged to think about creativity as a new form of being strategic, which is, without a doubt, one of the most vital characteristics of every lawyer.