Networking: How Successful Lawyers Do It

Although it is hard to underestimate the importance of networking for lawyers as regards to their career improvement, personal development, and success, it isn’t at the top of lawyers’ to-do list due to its time-consuming, sometimes devastating, and even awkward nurture. However, lawyers need to take the time to build strong connections with legal professionals to gain access to certain resources. The networking can help you with valuable information about the latest trends in your industry or a law area, keeping up with a job market, referrals, acquaintances, clients, prospective investors, etc. 

In other words, a powerful network is a competitive advantage for legal professionals, which improves their skillset, helps to thrive, and be more successful throughout their career development. Even experts acknowledge that the most connected lawyers are usually the most successful. 

Here’s how successful and aspiring lawyers do networking. Follow these tips to build a strong network with your fellow attorneys


Lawyers: Choose What Networking Format Works Best for You and Make It Outside the Box

When it comes to networking, different strategies can be successfully implemented, you just need to find out what networking style best suits you. You do not have to attend the outmoded cocktail party to develop a successful and strong network, although it is always great to find the opportunities to meet new people. Therefore, you are encouraged to attend the following activities:

  • Casual breakfasts, lunches, gatherings, 
  • Bar association events for local, state and the ABA,
  • professional programs and seminars
  • Meeting, discussions, etc
  • go jogging or working out at the gym with your law colleges.

Remember networking happens everywhere. 


Have a Plan or Rather a Goal

Whether you want to find new clients, referral sources, or a job, you should start your networking journey by thinking about your intentions and expectations and fully understanding what goal you want to achieve. 


You are a Lawyer, Do not Forget to Do Your Research

Today’s digitalized and hyperconnected world provides you with all the necessary tools to get your research done. So you cannot think of an excuse for not doing your research in advance before an actual event.

What are we expecting from you?

  1. Review the attendee list in advance,
  2. Research those lawyers online to find out how to communicate with them more successfully.
  3. Find shared interests and well-known topics so that you will be able to follow up.


Lawyers: Stay off Your Phone

Scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed while other lawyers are having conversations is not only simply unacceptable but also the most ”anti-networking” gesture you can make.

Remember to be nice, thoughtful, and do not forget to smile. Emotional connection is the key to successful networking. It is always wonderful to praise people when they deserve to be praised. Giving honest and sincere appreciation is not only important for networking but also in your everyday life.