3 Tips for Newly Licensed Court Reporters

Congratulations! Finally, you have become a licensed court reporter and got your dream job! Everything seems perfect, but you feel kind of nervous! As a newbie court reporter, you are afraid that you will miss a word, make serious mistakes or be late for a court hearing! That’s normal! We’ve all been nervous! So, follow these simple tips if you want to overcome new-job anxiety, be successful in this profession, experience those “I love my job” moments like most court reporters do and finally be called again for future depositions and court hearings!


Never Be Late!

Imagine! Witnesses, attorneys, the judge, the jury, courtroom clerk and other key figures are already in the courtroom. Everything seems to be ready to begin the hearing! But hey, where is the court reporter? Maybe stuck in traffic, still sleeping in his or her cozy bed (because the alarm didn’t go off), trying to find a place to park, etc.

One thing we are sure of is that people in the courtroom will check their watch every two minutes and probably curse the court reporter for not being on time.

Yes, we all have a horror story about being late but bear in mind that court reporting is not for those who have a habit of always being late! As a court reporter, you should always be on time for a deposition or a hearing.

As emergencies can happen occasionally, it’s a good idea to set your alarm clock to wake you up at least two hours before the deposition or hearing begins.

Also, always arrive one-half hour early to have enough time to talk with the attorneys, get ready and make sure both your computer and steno components are in good condition!

However, if you do have an emergency, the best thing to do is to call the appropriate parties as soon as possible to let them know! Also, don’t forget to apologize. Sorry seems to be the hardest word, but not in this case!


Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

You have just got a license and have been hired from a pool of court reporters. Everything seems great! However, be ready to experience stress, make mistakes and face a variety of obstacles in the first days, weeks or even months at your job!

There will undoubtedly be lots of things you don’t know. So instead of trying to look as if you know everything, feel free to ask questions to your skilled team members.

Experienced court reporters will give you advice on how to prepare for a deposition, what to do prior to deposition and after to ensure you provide accurate transcriptions.

And remember, your colleagues will be more than happy to encourage, support and guide new licensees like you during the beginning stages of your career.


Court Reporters: Never Stop Learning

Just because you have received a license in court reporting and got a job you have been enjoying for a long time, doesn’t mean you should stop learning. So if you are a person who wants to become a successful court reporter, always have job security, earn six figures and control your work schedule all you need is lots of practice, total dedication and a passion for precision.

As a court reporter never stop to familiarize yourself with terms and abbreviations that are new to you, boost your typing speed and work on your listening, writing, and transcription skills.

Now, you can also start your freelance career with AppearMe, a uniquely designed web and mobile app (App Store or Google Play) that will help you find multiple job offers and gain experience in court reporting on the other hand. So, keep moving forward dear young court reporters!

And remember, only thanks to non-stop learning you will improve your skills faster and your weaknesses will fade away.

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