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It is common practice for attorneys to refer cases to each other. They do that because they don’t have expertise in all fields of practice. They may also lack the competence to act in a certain jurisdiction or just be overloaded with cases. Whatever the reason for case referrals, the first thing you may think of is a case referral service. If you are about to refer your case, we advise you to sign up to the online portal AppearMe where you can find the right attorney and collect your referral fees without even paying the processing agency. If you are ok with this, go on reading this article. I will help you get registered with a web and mobile app that can be useful not only in cases of case referrals.


Sign up to AppearMe and Kill Three Birds with One Stone

The question is why to choose AppearMe among all referral services. The answer is straightforward. You don’t have agency complications, and you won’t pay the agency a penny for the service. We are a huge portal of attorneys where lawyers share and exchange jobs with each other. And this concerns not only the case referrals. You can accept/post appearance attorney jobs, deposition jobs and find court reporters or court interpreters when you become a user of the portal. Actually, you are killing three not even two birds with one stone!


How Much Time Will It Take?

One of the pretty cool features of AppearMe is that the request making and committal take place in literally minutes. When you become a user, all you need to do is to post an announcement, and it will go to thousands of lawyers. If you are looking for an attorney to refer your case, you need to select among 5 and more attorneys reading their profiles and expertise information. Once an attorney accepts your offer, you can communicate via the portal or by phone or SMS/email. All arrangements for case referrals are done between the two attorneys. We require though that all fees should be honored and paid in accordance to the state bar rules and regulations.


Contact AppearMe if You are In Search of Case Referral Service

Whether you want to find an appearance attorney, a deposition attorney, a court reporter or refer a case, AppearMe is the right portal because it saves time and money. A lot of attorneys have already realized that this simple tool makes their lives a lot stressless and efficient.

Lawyers have realized that they cannot survive in the competition without legal apps. Make the hiring process online and you will get ahead of other lawyers that still rely on outmoded forms of hiring needed professionals. You will make the hiring process faster, simpler and easier.

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