Need a Special Appearance Attorney in Nevada?

Special appearance attorneys are the ones that help you in the most critical situations. Now you can find an appearance attorney in Nevada within minutes!

AppearMe has expanded its base to include Nevada state in its service area. We now operate in North Las Vegas, Reno, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Paradise and anywhere else in Nevada.

Thousands of lawyers have already registered in the system, and you can be one of them. The whole process is automatic, so you don’t have to wait hours and even days for your appearance to be covered.

The good news is that we cover any of your appearances related to:

  •         bankruptcy
  •         civil law
  •         criminal law
  •         family law
  •         immigration
  •         traffic related


How does AppearMe Work?

You need to sign up to AppearMe and create your appearance. It will take up 2-3 minutes to upload an appearance, and the system will guide you through simple steps. Once you upload your appearance, it will take another 60 seconds for an attorney to commit to your appearance. Now you can move on with your day and wait for the report.

The appearance attorney who has committed to your appearance will cover your hearing and submit a brief report. Once he or she submits the report, the system will make an automatic payment.


AppearMe is For Attorneys of Record and Appearance Attorneys

AppearMe is created for attorneys by attorneys. It is designed both for attorneys of record and appearance attorneys.

Attorneys of record need AppearMe because of their busy schedule. They may be unwilling to travel to far away courts or lack time to do tasks like handing in a missing document or rescheduling a hearing. After all, you have tons of work on your shoulders and you need time to do things that are more mandatory.

Appearance attorneys need AppearMe because it is a source of steady income for them. Earning extra $70 or $120 is an attractive offer just for traveling to a nearby courthouse for simple tasks. If you are an appearance attorney and you want to fill up your day in court with multiple appearances, you need to sign up to AppearMe and wait for tons of job opportunities.


Sync Your Appearance Date with Google, iCal, Outlook and Yahoo Calendar


AppearMe has a number of awesome features. Here is one of them:

AppearMe lets you sync your appearance date with Google, iCal, Outlook and Yahoo calendar. You can export your court appearance information to the calendar app of your choice with a simple click. This feature will make your attorney job a lot easier.

For other features, like Locating courthouses for your appearance, you can read here.

Sign up to AppearMe if you are in search of a special appearance attorney in Nevada! We offer simple solutions to hard tasks!

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