Same Day Per Diem Services in New York

When you need the same day per diem services in New York, there is no better alternative than the smart web and mobile application AppearMe. AppearMe helps attorneys of record find per diem lawyers on the same day, moreover, within 60 seconds from the time of posting an appearance job.


Per Diem Services: Cost Effective and Convenient Solution to Per Diem Attorneys

When it comes to convenience, AppearMe has no competitors. It takes 2-3 minutes to sign up, another 2-3 minute to request appearance and literally 60 seconds until an attorney commits to your offer.

The application is created by attorneys for attorneys with the busy schedule of lawyers in mind. Therefore, we have designed the tool so that the legal professionals have the most convenience in using it. Attorneys of record need to complete a couple of fields, including appearance type of number, some contact details, etc. It takes just 2-3 minute to enter these data, and once you submit the info, it goes to thousands of lawyers registered in the portal.

AppearMe is budget friendly both for an attorney of record and for per diem lawyers. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, AppearMe is second to none. Attorneys of record complete a lot more tasks in the time that they would otherwise spend on traveling to and back of the court making more money than they would do covering the hearing.

Per diem lawyers normally specify the geographic location where they would like to receive appearances. Therefore, they don’t need to travel a long way as well as saving money on traveling.

The prices of AppearMe are the most reasonable yet competitive. For complete info about our pricing visit this page.


Per Diem Lawyers Registered with AppearMe Cover Almost Any Hearing

AppearMe will help you find temporary lawyers for almost any type of hearing. The users of the applications are competent in family law, civil, criminal, bankruptcy cases, immigration and more. They do depositions, conferences, Ex Parte, MSJ, CMC, pretrials, arraignments and more.

When the legal practitioners sign up to AppearMe, they specify the areas of practice they are most competent in. So expect to find legal practitioners competent in each of the practice areas of law when posting service with AppearMe.

We also take care that only legal professionals eligible to practice law according to State Bar Association get into the list of lawyers. Those who don’t qualify, do not get into the system.

At this point, we encourage you to sign up to AppearMe. You may have questions on how the application works. Feel free to contact our staff with any inquiries you have.

You can also refer your cases to other legal practitioners and earn a referral fee.

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