3 Ways to Prepare for Your Deposition

Depositions are not like having a friendly conversation around a breakfast table! They’re fact-finding missions similar to testifying in court. So it’s essentially important to take court depositions seriously and give yourself considerable time to get ready! Here are 3 deposition preparation tips that will help you make the most of your deposition! Ready?


Prepare Your Client!

Your client has just been informed that he or she must give a deposition! Yeah, even the thought of giving a court deposition can panic your client, especially if he or she has no prior litigation experience!

So, it’s a good idea to speak to your client and familiarize him or her with key documents and provide with an overview of the case, etc.

Explain to your client that attorneys on both sides of the case will ask a series of questions to determine what knowledge he or she has about the case. You can even practice hard questions!

Don’t forget to tell your client that these fact-finding missions are usually videotaped and the questions and answers are taken down by a court reporter.

Simply put, knowing what’s going to happen can relieve stress and anxiety!


Research, Research, and Again Research!

It goes without saying, that as a deposition attorney your role is not just to appear at a court deposition! If you want to win your case, be ready to spend a couple of hours in front of your desk reading all the information available, researching some of the legal aspects of the case and reviewing documents you will need at the trial.

Now you can relax, drink tea and get a good night sleep because you are armed with the knowledge of the case and are going to do fine tomorrow!


Create an Outline to Ask the Right Questions!

Almost forgot to say: before enjoying a cup of hot tea and going to bed, it’s a good idea to prepare an outline so that you don’t forget anything.

However, be careful! Sometimes deposition attorneys are so focused on the questions they have prepared beforehand, that they fail to ask important follow-up questions and miss important information.

So, instead of keeping your eyes on your notes, you better listen carefully and ask questions that arise in the course of testimony to uncover what the witness knows.

By doing everything mentioned above, the best possible outcome is guaranteed!       


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