Quick Access to Per Diem Services

If you want to leverage your professional network to find per diem services anywhere in New York, Texas, Nevada, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, and Florida, there is no better place than AppearMe! The revolutionary tool is helping thousands of legal professionals to find the lawyer they need with the whole process of request making to committal taking place in less than 2-3 minutes. Thrilled to read the article? Move on and you may soon become part of a big online attorney team where lawyers exchange jobs and refer entire cases!


Why Choose AppearMe for Per Diem Services?

Why would you ever choose AppearMe among the vast selection of agencies that provide per diem services? The question needs to be answered before you decide to sign up.

Speed is the number one issue. AppearMe is the fastest legal tool in the market. The average time for committing to your appearance is less than 60 seconds. When you post a request, thousands of lawyers receive notifications on their emails and mobiles. They respond immediately because they want to get the job. The first legal practitioner who commits gets the job. Due to this smart solution, this legal tool has become the modern architecture of court appearances.

Convenience is another benefit of this revolutionary application. Everything from request making to invoicing to payments is user-friendly. To make a request, you need to fill in a couple of fields. Once you submit the info, consider you finished your part of the job. Now you can sit back, enjoy your cup of coffee or meet other clients. The lawyer you choose will cover the appearance and send you a brief report.

This legal tool is also cost-effective. Attorneys of record make money instead of traveling to court and back spending time on a single appearance that they could use on other pressing tasks. They often charge higher billable hour rate than they would pay for the appearance. This tool gets you a chance to meet deadlines, increase your client base and earn money while other lawyers are covering your appearance.


More Than Per Diem Services

Finally, I would like to pinpoint to other services that you can get with AppearMe. You can find a deposition attorney, a court reporter and refer a case. While the procedures for a deposition attorney and a court reporter are similar to court appearance requests, case referral is absolutely free with AppearMe. Because of that thousands of attorney prefer AppearMe to case referral services. They earn a referral fee without paying any registration fee, any consultation fee, and any processing fee.


Sign up Today And Become Part of Big Attorney Team!

To enjoy the benefits of AppearMe you need to become a legal user of the application. You need to sign up at no cost to you. You don’t pay anything when you register. The tool is absolutely free. Attorneys pay per match only with a small processing fee charged by AppearMe (Read about our pricing).

It will take some 2-3 minutes to fill in the required fields and submit the request. Our staff will verify your profile in a couple of hours and from then on you can post and accept as many job offers as you need or want. If you are still in doubt whether to open an account or not, read our FAQs. Our staff is always available to assist you in any matter connected with AppearMe. Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff. Call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected].

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