Refer a Case in Texas and Earn Referral Fee

You might know that you can refer a case to a fellow attorney an earn referral fee. What you might not know is that you can be part of an attorney portal where you can post and receive case referrals for free. We are talking about AppearMe, an attorney portal where thousands of lawyers post and receive court appearance jobs and refer cases. You can refer a case in Texas with AppearMe and earn a referral fee. Since AppearMe charges no fees for case referrals, we encourage you to give it a consideration.

All arrangements are between the attorneys. However, you should know some things about referring cases in Texas. Here are the rules.


Rules to Refer a Case in Texas and Earn Referral Fee

The ABA Model Rules generally allow referral between lawyers subjects to certain rules. The referral rules in Texas indicate that:

  • Attorneys can refer cases to other lawyers, but referrals are not allowed between a lawyer and a non-lawyer
  • The referring attorney does not have to do any work or even “Proportionate amount of work” to collect a referral fee
  • The referring attorney must inform the client about the arrangement and the client must consent in writing
  • The must not be “unconscionable,” which means it must not be unreasonable taking into account the lawyer’s level of skill and experience.


You Go By the Rules With AppearMe

When you refer a case with AppearMe, you don’t need to worry about a lay person being hired since only attorneys with an active license and eligible to practice law get into the system.

You don’t need to worry about the referral being “unconscionable” either. When you refer a case in our portal, your announcement goes to thousands of lawyers. You can review the profiles of 5 and more attorneys and choose the lawyer that best fits with your case requirements.


We Charge No Fees

AppearMe is free for case referrals. It is merely a place where attorneys meet. The primary mission of AppearMe is to accept court appearance requests by attorneys while case referrals are absolutely free. If you are interested in joining a portal where your case referrals will cost nothing, sign up to AppearMe, In case you have questions on how it works, please contact AppearMe.

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