What to Expect When Referring a Case with AppearMe

Attorneys often appear in situations when they cannot handle the caseload, and they need to hire another lawyer for help. They may also need to hire a fellow attorney because of a lack of expertise in a specific field. Whatever your reason to hire another legal professional, AppearMe is here to assist you in finding one. Here is what to expect when referring a case via this legal tool.


You Can Find Lawyers Competent in Specific Practice Areas

When legal professionals register with the portal, they fill out a section called Bio. The referring attorney can read the bios of other attorneys. You can find professionals in the following practice areas and more when you refer a case with AppearMe:


  •         Family Law
  •         Business/Corporate Law
  •         Immigration
  •         Civil Law
  •         Criminal Law
  •         Bankruptcy
  •         Administrative Law


You can Review Lawyer’s Profiles

When you post an announcement with AppearMe, thousands of lawyers receive notifications on their emails and mobiles. You can choose 5 and more professionals reading their profiles to get a specialist most competent in the area of your interest. Once you select the lawyer, you can communicate with the legal professional directly through the application.


You Can Earn Referral Fee When Referring a Case with AppearMe

When you refer a case with AppearMe, you can earn a referral fee depending on the state regulations. Your fee may be a fixed price or a percentage of the client fee. Please, note that the referral fees should be honored and paid in accordance with each State’s Bar rules and regulations.

When you post an announcement with AppearMe, this notification goes to thousands of lawyers. We are functioning in the states of California, New York, Texas, and Nevada. This means you have access to a pool of attorneys in these four states who may be available for your work at any time.

Why do the work that will be stressful for you or get into a field that you have no expertise in? With our easy and fast system, you can find a lawyer effortlessly.

If you have any question, we are here to answer them. Please contact AppearMe for more information.

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