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You may think, ah, just another invitation to schedule a deposition in Chicago. You are right not to trust the first thing that comes to your web screen. But let me give you an argument that no one can deny. “Scheduling a deposition is easier with a mobile app.” You may think, but why? The answer is straightforward. Because it’s faster, simpler and extremely helpful in conflicting situations. This argument works pretty well with AppearMe, a mobile and web app that has revolutionized the whole legal hiring market. Let me go through these points one by one.


Deposition: How Fast? A Day, an Hour or a Week?

What if I say that you can schedule a deposition in Chicago even 10 minutes before the session time? Right, again doubts at the back of your mind. Our record time of committal was 27 seconds. So, expect a deposition lawyer to get back to you on an average of 60 seconds.

Since attorneys registered with the AppearMe app are competent in a number of fields, expect to find someone who is practicing family law, bankruptcy, administrative law or any of the fields that requires your attention.


Simpler? What Does This Mean?

It means that you need to fill in a couple of required fields and submit the info. That’s it! It will be delivered to hundreds of attorneys in Chicago and someone will get back to you immediately. The whole process from request making to committal takes a couple of minutes.


Conflicting Situations? I Know Them! I Have Been There!

Do you now realize that you can find an attorney in an emergency? Got stuck in a traffic jam? Have an emergency call? Just submit a request on the app and someone will get back to you.

Since the app is absolutely free to sign up, it is a savior in many situations that you cannot predict beforehand.

Have it and enjoy all the luxury of being a busy lawyer that does not miss a single task!


Deposition: How Do I Sign Up?

Simply download from App Store or Google Play or head to to open an account. After being vetted, start posting/accepting deposition, court appearance, freelance attorney jobs on the go! Use the same profile to post and accept job offers. This is an unprecedented offer in the market. Say hello to a more productive legal work!

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