Starting Out As an Attorney: Tips for Court Appearances

You may be one of those starting attorneys who think they are going to change the world. But the truth is that you may feel a little uncomfortable at first, especially when you are surrounded by more experienced attorneys who know how to handle a court appearance.  No matter how you feel as a starting attorney, keep in mind some “golden rules” that will help you make a great impression with the judge.

Here are some of those tips that are helpful for new attorneys embarking on their careers. Whether you are representing your client, or making a quick court appearance to handle a missing document, these tips will help you feel more confident entering any courthouse.

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Make an impression, and make it a good one

It goes without saying that your reputation is critical to your career. What you say and the way you behave are important for an interaction.  Your behavior builds your reputation whether you are representing a client, interacting with court personnel or in any other situation you may find yourself when making a court appearance. Your words and your behavior affect your reputation and your employer’s reputation.


Be respectful to courtroom staff

Courtroom staff are full of useful information. You will be amazed how much they know about the appearance process and how helpful they can be. If you are a new attorney, chances are they know more than you.  Build a friendly but professional relationship with the courtroom staff so they can help you solve issues easily and be more successful.


Know the rules and follow them

Each court has specific rules, and it is important to know those rules before you appear at any hearing. You can consult reference books, or ask veteran attorneys for advice. Similarly, you can also ask about each judge’s unique practices and preferences.


Always be true to yourself

It’s always helpful to read tips on how to behave and what to say when you first appear to a court hearing. But the most valuable advice is to be true to yourself. Do not try to be someone you are not. Your legal skills should evolve around your personality.

Improve your skills by asking for feedback and by observing the behavior of more experienced lawyers. No matter what feedback or advice you receive, don’t forget the golden rule of being true to oneself. Otherwise, you will jeopardize your reputation.


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