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The Best Way to Save Money on Court Appearances

“How much will it cost me to hire an appearance attorney?” is a question that pops up quite often. Luckily, the amount of money you […]


A Proven Method to Find an Attorney on Call When You Are in a Hurry

You know those days, right? The ones when you get unexpected calls from clients and run off to a last-minute meeting or unexpected appointment! And […]


Skip Everything and Get This App to Find an Appearance Attorney in 60 Seconds

Have you ever heard of AppearMe? It’s a terrific mobile and web app that helps thousands of legal professionals find an appearance attorney, deposition attorney, […]


Court Appearance Lawyers Get Jobs With One Tap

Finding a court appearance job has become as easy as answering a phone call. You just need to tap your mobile to accept the job […]


Never Been Easier: Find a Court Appearance Attorney in Texas

Ever thought you could find a court appearance attorney in a minute? Now it’s possible with the AppearMe App. The new technology has disrupted the […]


The Benefits of the AppearMe App and Why Attorneys Should Use it

Imagine a platform that brings together hundreds of thousand attorneys together in one space. Whether you are an attorney of record who struggles through the […]


Questions Most Asked by Appearance Attorneys

It is not a secret that the job of an appearance attorney is a challenging one. It requires a lot of courage and willpower to […]

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