Court Appearance Lawyers Get Jobs With One Tap

Finding a court appearance job has become as easy as answering a phone call. You just need to tap your mobile to accept the job offer. The court appearance lawyers registered with AppearMe do that every day and earn bucks that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them so fast and easy. Would you like to be one of them? Go on read this article on how to become a user of AppearMe, a revolutionary tool that has disrupted the whole market of court appearances.


Court Appearance Lawyers Face No Shortage of Jobs with AppearMe

AppearMe is a huge pool of attorneys who post and receive court appearance jobs every day. When you become a user, you will receive notifications on new job vacancies every day, maybe every each hour of the day. The reason for such abundance of job offers is that thousands of lawyers are members of the portal.

A lot of legal practitioners cannot handle the heavy caseload, and they prefer hiring court appearance professionals. If you want to be the assignee of the task, you need to be alert. When you get the push notification on your mobile, just be quick, tap accept, and the job is yours.


Get Paid Immediately After Closing the Appearance

One of the advantages of AppearMe is that you don’t need to wait a week or even weeks in order to get paid. When you cover the hearing, you need to create a brief report and send it to the hiring attorney. When you click “Close and Submit,” the system transfers your money automatically to your bank account. It will be in your account once the processing bank completes the transaction.


Select Practice Area or Geographic Location

Are you an expert in family law? Most probably you would like to take up assignments in those areas. Select the practice area you prefer when you register.

You can also specify the geographic location where you would like to work. Prefer San Fransisco? Select it as a preferred geographic location, and you will receive notifications from that location only.

If for any reason you would like to stop receiving notifications, you can do that easily.


Use the Application When Needed

One of the pleasing things about AppearMe is that you can use the application only when needed. You can have other side jobs, do you personal things, be on training and still earn money when you have time. A lot of attorneys love the convenience of AppearMe and have it in their arsenal of tools.

We hope you have made your mind to sign up to AppearMe. If any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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