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AppearMe: an Essential Application for Attorneys and Law Firms in Houston

AppearMe offers you an innovative solution to manage your appearances and depositions in the most efficient way possible. The mobile and web application is designed […]


Appearance Attorneys in Kent: An Alternative to In-House Counsel

Why are alternative solutions better? The truth is that they need to be better to have a competitive say in the market. Normally alternative solutions […]


Try Legal Outsourcing to Achieve Your Law Practice Goals

You are a lawyer and your day-to-day duties include providing legal advice and guidance, writing contracts, meeting clients, attending court appearances, researching case studies, representing […]


Become an Appearance Attorney Specialist! Make Court Appearances for Cash

If you want to make court appearances for cash, you have an unprecedented chance to join an attorney family of AppearMe. You can work as […]


Legal Tool for Hiring an Attorney to Cover Your Court Appearances

Your girlfriend goes home and tells her mum she is dating a lawyer. We are betting her mum will feel happy and proud as you […]

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