Become an Appearance Attorney Specialist! Make Court Appearances for Cash

If you want to make court appearances for cash, you have an unprecedented chance to join an attorney family of AppearMe. You can work as an appearance attorney specialist whether you want to enhance your practice or gain experience. The portal is a good source of real appearances not only for novice lawyers but also those who want to take side jobs.


An Appearance Attorney Specialist Gets Paid Immediately with AppearMe

You will do freelance work with AppearMe. You know how it is with freelancing. You get paid in weeks and sometimes in a month time. This is not the case with AppearMe. Once you submit your report and close the assignment, the application automatically transfers your payment to your bank account.

The offer to work with AppearMe is valid only for lawyers with an active license. If you are, register with the portal and be ready to have endless job offers.


No Long-Term Commitment

You don’t have any commitment to AppearMe whatsoever. You can work when you want to. Your task will be to cover the hearing and submit a brief report. Once you do that, your obligations are over for that specific task. You get paid for a one-time job. Later, you can accept job offers or not depending on your preferences and schedule.


We Charge at a Market Price

The hiring attorney will make the payment. We charge at a market price which is competitive for the appearance specialist and affordable for the hiring attorney. Attorneys can also price appearances higher than the fixed minimum. The legal professionals registered with AppearMe make $75-$140 per hour at the minimum. For our pricing click here.


Join Our Team of Attorneys

There are thousands of lawyers registered in the states of California, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, and Texas. We have a steady flow of job offers for lawyers and court reporters.

Attorneys can also refer cases in the application free of charge. The referring attorney can earn referral fee depending on state regulations.If you are a legal professional who wants to make a steady income with court coverage jobs AppearMe is the portal to register. Here you will find lots of job offers with a flexible schedule.

Sign up to AppearMe or contact our staff for additional information.

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