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Hire a Court Reporter Even 30 Minutes Before the Assignment Time

Court reporters are an important part of the justice system. Imagine how difficult it would be to conduct a case without a court reporter. However, […]


Career as a Court Reporter – Everything You Must Know Before Getting Started

If you are thinking of starting a career as a court reporter or, called otherwise, a stenographer, there should be certain things that must be […]


AppearMe is a Must-Have for Hiring a Court Reporter

Finding a court reporter is easy, right? However, finding the right court reporter is the trick. From time to time, attorneys have to deal with […]


AppearMe Enables You to Find Court Reporter Jobs in Less than a Minute!

AppearMe, the largest litigation support provider in the U.S., empowers certified court reporters to find jobs within 60 seconds! AppearMe is a web and mobile […]


Court Reporter Jobs in California, Texas, Nevada, New York, and New Jersey

Finally, you earned your degree or certificate in court reporting. If you accomplished this major step in your career, welcome to the world of real-time […]


Find a Court Reporter Job with AppearMe

Your aspirations to find a court reporter job that will give you a stable income have finally come true. If you are on our page, […]


Do it the Smart Way! Hire an Appearance Attorney On Call!

A lot goes into a lawyers’ day-to-day activities, from providing legal advice to clients to covering court appearances! Thus, it’s quite natural that sometimes lawyers […]


Freelance Court Reporter Jobs with AppearMe

Are you tired of long working hours? Do you want to start a career as a freelance court reporter and still make as much as […]


Find a Court Reporter with AppearMe in Less Than a Minute!

It’s true that many picture a court reporter sitting quietly in the courtroom and typing on a stenotype machine. In spite of their silent role, […]

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