Find a Court Reporter with AppearMe in Less Than a Minute!

It’s true that many picture a court reporter sitting quietly in the courtroom and typing on a stenotype machine. In spite of their silent role, there’s so much more that professionals in court reporting do! It is a responsible position that requires skill, dedication, and concentration!

But what if the court reporter feels like he or she is completely burnt out and doesn’t have the slightest wish to work? No wonder he or she needs a vacation!

On the flip side, without a court reporter, nothing can happen! So what to do? We are here to lend you a hand! Now, you can find a highly-qualified court reporter in Texas, Nevada, California, New York or New Jersey using AppearMe, a special web and mobile app that is trusted by thousands of legal professionals!

So, keep reading to find out how this invaluable legal tool can make your work-life easier and more productive!

You may soon regret not reading this earlier!


Court Reporter: Become an AppearMe User Now!

Court reporters’ role in the courtroom is quite important. It means that a court reporter cannot just wake up in the morning and decide to go bungee jumping, attend a child’s school play or see a doctor instead of working! However, with AppearMe the impossible is possible! Now, in addition to posting or accepting per diem attorney jobs, you can find a court reporter within a minute in such cases.

First, you will need to download the application on your mobile phone from App Store or Google Play or simply sign up to AppearMe using the web. Once done, you can create your account with just a few taps filling out some information.

Now you are officially a part of AppearMe family and can post multiple job offers! Thousands of court reporters already registered in the portal will get emails and push notifications on their mobiles. The fastest one who accepts your offer will cover the assignment! Finally, after creating word-for-word transcription at a trial or deposition, the court reporter will complete the task, send you the transcript of the legal proceeding and receive payment through a quick transaction!

Now you may wonder how you ever organized your work-life without AppearMe!


Hire Highly-Qualified Court Reporters!

Now you may wonder how we know that the registered court reporters are qualified! The thing is all professionals who register need to have an active license. Along with other information they provide their license number and license type when creating an account! AppearMe team is checking the license info submitted by potential users regularly.

Simply put, with AppearMe you will hire only knowledgeable and experienced professionals in court reporting to attend depositions, hearings, and other legal proceedings.

So hurry up and register now!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to dial (818) 744-3505 or email us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help!

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